A world-class team of sales and marketing experts for a fraction of the cost

Fractional private jet ownership revolutionized travel for busy professionals, providing them with the efficiency and convenience of private jets at a fraction of the cost. Our goal at A6 Group is to provide the same for marketing and sales: access to a world-class team of marketers, sales and business development professionals at a fraction of the cost.

The A6 Group was founded in 2011 by Olivier Delerm, a skilled marketing and product executive with over 18 years of experience creating, marketing and selling product offerings for public and private companies globally. Our team of talented marketers and revenue generators include business development professionals, writers, digital and social media marketers, web designers, graphic designers, product marketers, events professionals, film makers and video producers.

Olivier Delerm

Olivier Delerm

Olivier recently served as chief marketing officer at Certain Software, a leading provider of event management solutions for the global meetings and events industry. Earlier in his career, Olivier launched and managed several major product lines generating $200M+ in annual revenue for Siebel Systems (acquired by Oracle), a $1.5B vendor of Customer Relationship Management solutions, helping establish the company as the leader in eBusiness solutions. In the past 5 years, Olivier has been advising a broad range of companies from early stage to Fortune 500, as the managing partner of the Delerm Group.

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