Turn-key marketing programs to accelerate demand generation

To drive revenue, test new marketing strategies and expand into new markets, you need to zero in on the marketing activities that immediately accelerate demand for your offerings. What if you could just rely on a trusted marketing team to expand your efforts and deliver the marketing programs you need quickly and efficiently?

We come in and help by providing the extra marketing resources to instantly give a boost to your business. Experts in our marketing field and fast learners on your market segments, offerings and positioning, we become an instant extension of your marketing organization and deliver the marketing programs and activities that make an immediate difference to your business.

We work mostly with high-tech companies to deliver:

  • Turn-key Marketing Platform including messaging, positioning and brand identity
  • Digital Presence with web sites, micro-sites and landing pages dedicated to drive demand for your offerings in specific markets
  • Integrated Marketing Programs to generate demand in your targeted markets through direct multi-channel campaigns
  • Event Marketing to maximize return of presence at conferences and trade shows, and delivery of customized meetings and events
  • PR and Influencer Marketing Programs to spread the word, establish the brand and support other marketing programs
  • Social Media Marketing to engage with the market place and support other marketing programs
  • Content Creation to support marketing programs and demand generation cycles

We can act as an “outsourced” marketing department during the sales acceleration phase, penetration of new markets and launch of new offerings, and transition our “marketing IP” to your in-house organization over time.