Revenue cures all ills.  It truly does.

There are times when companies really need a revenue boost. What if you could just close a few strategic deals quickly to establish your reputation and generate that extra cash? What if you could just expand your distribution with one or two partners who will resell or provide referrals for your products or services in key markets?

That’s exactly when we come in by providing the extra sales and business development resources to instantly give a boost to your business. Fast learners, we embed ourselves in your organization to become an instant extension of your sales force or your business development team, or a revenue-driven team for new markets.

We work mostly with high-tech companies at the following crossroads:

  • Startups with an existing product and a few early adopters who need help commercializing their offering and gaining early traction before bringing a full-time sales and marketing team on board
  • Non-US companies who want to quickly launch a marketing and sales efforts in the US market before a full operation is implemented
  • Small and mid-size companies who want to launch a distribution channel in the US or overseas but lack the internal resources to kick-start it

Strategic Sales

We will become an extension of your sales force and boost revenue:

  • Develop leads and opportunities
  • Position your offering and drive the sales cycle
  • Negotiate and close deals with your backing
  • Develop and expand your sales tools, messaging and positioning as we work through the sales process

Channel Expansion

We will expand your ecosystem and drive partner-driven revenue by targeting referral and reseller relationships to reach new markets and expand distribution for your products:

  • Develop business development leads and opportunities
  • Position your offerings and create partner-specific value propositions
  • Negotiate and close reseller deals with your backing
  • Manage partners and coordinate with your sales, marketing and support organization