Driving Real Innovation in a post-pandemic world.

Established organizations need to spur real innovation to drive competitiveness. They need access to trends and ecosystems, to spot disruptive technology and innovative business models, and foster an innovation culture within their organizations. In our post-pandemic world, this is more challenging than ever: Financially, because of the rising costs of innovation outposts, limited access to the relevant ecosystems, and hard to execute once a commercial or investment partnership is established.

Our clients can leverage our network and expertise to help assess and define their innovation strategy, supplement their teams to tackle specific projects and research, or offer fractional execution with presence in the Silicon Valley / San Francisco Bay area and the Seattle area.

We partner through the innovation journey

We can augment your team throughout the journey:

  • Scope & Framework: Goals & objectives, timeline, scope and problem definition, solution space mapping
  • Strategy: Assess, define, prioritize and plan
  • Research & Connect: Creating demand generation dashboards to measure success
  • Nurture Partnerships: Collaborate with startups to maximize the value of investment


We have experience and network in the following domains:

  • Industries: Insurance, FinServ, Tech/SaaS, Industrial, Transportation, Smart City, Telco
  • Technology: IoT, AI, Predictive Modeling, Robotics, Computer Vision, Wearables, Cybersecurity
  • Business: Business model innovation, go-to-market strategies, partner ecosystems