A6 is the name of a famous highway in France: “l’autoroute du soleil” (sun’s highway), the A6 takes you from Paris to Lyon and is the main highway to escape the busy capital for the South of France and the French Riviera.

At the A6 Group, we help organizations find and customize their ride down their own A6 highway and get to a better place, fast and safe. We write a custom map with you, tell you about the little abbey to visit on the way, the great restaurant where you can grab a memorable bite, and we give you tips to avoid traffic jams and speed traps. We typically focus on sales, business development and marketing. However, our skills extend to product management, product marketing and business strategy if the situation requires it.

“For startups in transition and in need of immediate execution, this is the future of marketing.”

Mike Kaul, CEO, Sentilla

What we do

As a boutique service organization close to the heart of Silicon Valley, we help organizations accelerate growth and streamline demand generation processes.

As an instant extension of your marketing organization, we boost demand by designing and executing targeted, turn-key marketing programs that will drive demand and test your target markets.

As an instant extension of your sales organization, we accelerate sales by taking charge of closing strategic deals or by establishing a reseller or lead referral ecosystem to reach new markets.

As marketing experts with engineering degrees, we analyze, streamline and create a robust set of demand generation and marketing metrics to help executives and managers measure results, align marketing and sales objectives and fine-tune execution of demand generation strategies.

As hands-on experts in marketing, business development and sales, we provide tailored strategy consulting services to CEOs, Boards of Directors and Senior Executives.

“Olivier really gets marketing performance analysis and revenue acceleration.”

Cate Zovod, Senior Director, Actuate

Demand generation via targeted, turn-key marketing programs

As experienced marketers with deep expertise in B2B demand generation programs, we help companies drive demand by delivering targeted inbound and outbound marketing programs that deliver measurable results:

  • Web presence (web sites, micro-sites, landing pages)
  • Email and social marketing
  • Event and trade show marketing and execution
  • Content creation
  • PR and corporate communications

Sales acceleration and business development

As hands-on experts in sales, business development and marketing, we help organizations accelerate revenue by:

  • extending the sales organization to close key deals
  • acquiring early adopters in new target market segments through referrals and penetration of targeted accounts
  • opening new distribution channels through reseller or lead referral business models

Consulting services

We help organizations accelerate growth and streamline processes in the area of business, marketing and product strategy. We act as strategic advisers to CEOs, Boards of Directors and Senior Executives to:

  • align sales and marketing efforts and define a successful repeatable marketing and sales process
  • review and develop strategic business and marketing plans
  • develop new go-to-market strategy, positioning and messaging platforms
  • create demand generation dashboards and ensure seamless integration and flow across CRM, Marketing Automation and Sales Enablement technology platforms
  • analyze target markets
  • support fundraising or M&A efforts