We have a long history of helping companies grow. Because every client is unique, it can take different forms. We often work with customers in changing capacities over time: maybe start by driving revenue via aggressive sales services, then accelerate demand through targeted marketing campaigns and inbound strategies. Sometimes it is the other way around: we start by stimulating demand in a target market, then work those leads through the sales cycle. We also have long experience in delivering marketing, sales, business development and product strategy consulting services.

What our clients are saying

Olivier really gets marketing performance analysis and revenue acceleration. He brings a deeply analytical mindset and skillset to bear, as well as an understanding of how data is structured, how it should be used, and where the technical and cultural “gotchas” lie in transforming to a data-driven sales and marketing operation. I am just now seeing the kinds of analyses and optimizations he was recommending 2-3 years ago become de rigueur in B2B market development. This is “secret sauce” kind of stuff.
Cate Zovod, Senior Director, Actuate
With Olivier and his team at A6 Group, I had access to a complete marketing organization to handle everything from marketing strategy and analyst relationships down to managing the web site, supporting the sales force and executing demand generation campaigns. For startups in transition and in need of immediate execution, this is the future of marketing.
Mike Kaul, CEO, Sentilla

Are you

  • a start-up?

  • If you have a product and a few early adopters, but need help to commercialize your offering in your target market, we can help boost revenue, drive and test initial demand in your target market and accelerate your learning curve with our hands-on team of marketing and sales professionals.

  • a company outside the US?

  • Do you prefer not to waste time and resources while testing and penetrating what might be the largest market for your offering in the world? You found the right partner. We can launch your marketing and sales effort and get you revenue, knowledge, and a market presence before you establish costly operations in the US.

  • an established company looking for growth?

  • Looking for ways to accelerate growth? Target new markets inside or outside the US? Aggressively expand your ecosystem to drive sales, generate additional demand, or generate pull in specific markets? Need a fresh perspective on your market and your revenue generating efforts? We can help you get to the next level.